• Indicate the service(s) you are interested in.
  • Propose three dates for a face-to-face meeting and indicate the location.
  • Transfer all relevant company- and/or product-related information by e-mail. IP HILLS and all its representatives are bound by confidentiality when processing the information received.


  • Schedule the 1st meeting.
  • Inform us in more detail on the challenges your company is facing.
  • Express any expectations.
  • Transfer any further data to IP HILLS
  • Communicate who is going to be involved internally.


(1st meeting)

  • Listen and ask questions to understand your needs and challenges.
  • Inform you on which data or decisions are necessary for us to make a clear offer.
  • Discuss pricing.
  • Evaluate our offer and contact us for any questions or clarifications.
  • Sign our offer and e-mail it to IP HILLS for execution.


  • Prepare a detailed offer incorporating strategy, scope, timing and deliverables, pricing, client involvement and specific IP service-related information.
  • Answer any questions and make adaptations to the offer where necessary.
  • Inform us in due time on any relevant aspect that may impact execution.
  • Give positive or negative feedback on the work done.
  • Approve the final deliverable if satisfied with the work done.


(Final meeting)

  • Execute the IP services according to the offer.
  • Expect you to give any positive or negative feedback on the work done.
  • Organize a meeting to discuss the final deliverable.
  • Act as the decision-maker in any administration process.


  • Follow up on administration related to the IP service and inform you in due course.
  • May be interested in a long-lasting relationship based on trust and mutual satisfaction.
  • Can contact us for any further questions.


  • Remain available at all times on your request to evaluate our cooperation, to learn and make improvements.
  • Stand by for any further cooperation.