• IP HILLS is a private company with limited liability under Belgian law that advises, assists and represents any client upon written instruction in obtaining, prosecuting, maintaining and evaluating intellectual property rights (‘IPRs’) such as patents, designs, trademarks and copyrights.


  • Any assignments are given to IP HILLS as a company and will be executed by any employee or independent contractor appointed by IP HILLS (and therefore the assignment  is not relinquished because of decease or incapacity or illness of one specific employee of IP HILLS).
  • In absence of any explicit instructions IP HILLS is not obliged to fulfill any work or bound by any obligations whatsoever. 
  • Any assignments or any work fulfilled are solely governed by the general conditions of IP HILLS, which are deemed  to be accepted by the client upon receipt of any offer or any first invoice.


  • The client will provide IP HILLS in due time with all information and documents necessary to fulfill the work.
  • The client will provide detailed information and disclose its genuine intentions related to any work or case.
  • Information must be transferred by the client to IP HILLS at its place of business in such a way that receipt is ensured.


  • Unless agreed otherwise, hourly fees (which IP HILLS reserves the right to change at any time) based on the  experience/specialization of the IP HILLS employee and the urgency/complexity of the work are due. 
  • Non-exhaustively excluded from these fees are any costs related to official taxes, administration (copy, postage), telecommunication, travelling, translation, technical drawing, third parties (experts, foreign agents, etc.).


  • Unless agreed otherwise, the client will pay an advance for fees and costs to be incurred by IP HILLS (before the start of any work).
  • Invoices for fees and costs are sent to the client (electronically or by post), unless agreed otherwise, on a biweekly basis for the work already done or costs already made.
  • Invoices are due within fifteen days after the invoice date. 
  • Non-payment by the client, whether in full or partial, will automatically (and without any prior letter of default) generate  interests of fifteen percent per year on any outstanding amount. 
  • Any protest against an invoice of IP HILLS must be  addressed in writing by registered letter within five working days after receipt of said invoice.


  • In case there are any indications that a client faces credit problems, insolvency, bankruptcy, dissolution or any other circumstances detrimental for the continuity of the client’s business, IP HILLS may suspend any work and has the right to require payment of any outstanding invoices irrespective of the due date.


  • In case of force majeure (such as heavy weather, governmental acts or interference, change of law, strikes, embargos, ICT failures or virus attacks, etc.) IP HILLS has the right to suspend its duties as long as the event of force majeure exists.


  • IP HILLS will undertake every effort to execute each accepted assignment to the best of its knowledge and possibilities.
  • IP HILLS will observe the principles of diligence, care and integrity in respect of its profession and in respect of any work done on behalf of any client.


  • IP HILLS is not liable for any performance by any independent contractor, governmental agency or administrative organisation which performs services in the context of any assignment or work or any possible direct or indirect damages suffered by the client (such as loss of production, contracts, clientele, data,   confidentiality, exclusivity, turnover, profit or opportunities).
  • In case of any gross negligence or in the event of a serious fault, the liability of IP HILLS for any damages suffered by the client is limited to two hundred and fifty thousand euro.


  • The client will not sollicit, neither directly for its own behalf or for any third party, any employee or representative of IP HILLS during the relationship or for a period of one year after termination of such relationship.
  • Any infringement of  this clause will result in a penalty of twentyfive thousand euro.


  • In case of termination of assignment by the client IP HILLS is entitled to ask an administrative cost of one hundred fifty euro for any transfer of file to any third party.


  • IP HILLS processes the personal data of the client for administrative, financial, commercial and marketing  purposes (information on for example events, new products and services, evolutions in IPR’s, etc.).
  • The client has the right to ask for correction or removal of incorrect or incomplete personal data. In order to excercise its rights the client will contact  IP HILLS by registered letter with notification of receipt.


  • The relationship between the client and IP HILLS shall be exclusively governed by Belgian law.


  • To the extent permitted by law, the place of performance for all work under these conditions is Ghent  (Belgium) and the sole forum for all disputes arising out of and in connection with the agreement shall be the courts of Ghent.


  • Should any of the above provisions be wholly or partially invalid or unenforceable, the validity of the other provisions in the general conditions shall in no way be affected.


  • The general conditions are available in the Dutch and English language (and upon request of any client in its native language).