Welcome Thari, Hanne and Krista

7 September 2018

Together with our clients we grow! Exciting, but we could not assist our clients, nor achieve our goals without a good team. In the past few months, we have hired Thari, Hanne and Krista. Not only to stimate gender equality within IP HILLS (we are now 6 women and 6 men), but most of all because they have the expertise needed to add value. Thari, a wonderful and efficient trademark paralegal, and Hanne, a passionate and skilled trademark attorney, strenghten IP HILLS' Trademarks & Designs Team. Krista, a client-driven patent engineer with strong analytical skills, recently joined IP HILLS' Patent Team. Of course that these ladies can climb the highest mountains, because they arrived at IP HILLS and we believe in them. Good luck!

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