We love photography: Angels & Ghosts + Addmen

30 July 2011

At IP HILLS we love photography! Not only because it is linked with copyrights, meaning the automatic (at creation, without registration) and negative right (prevents others from copying) artists enjoy on an original creation. At the same time it is such a wonderful form of art expressing life in good and bad times. Places nearby we recommend are amongst others: the Antwerp “fotomuseum” (www.fotomuseum.be) or the Paris “maison européenne de la photographie" (www.mep-fr.org).

But even smaller exhibitions attract our genuine interest. Recently we visited the new Ghent A&Gallery (Schepenhuisstraat 17, 9000 Ghent). We were tremendously enthusiast about the exhibition “Angels & Ghosts”, a black and white series on electronic musicians. This pretty nice initiative from Wouter Van Vaerenbergh & Ben Van Alboom is worthwhile visiting, their related journal worthwhile reading. At the same time a new collective of young motivated marketers achieved to get presence in the national press: Addmen (http://www.addmen.blog.com/). What a marvelous and simple idea to combine common objects with associated brands! “It is totally wicked”, as Jeremy Clarkson of Top Gear would say. At IP HILLS we are convinced that beside Wouter, Ben, Frédéric (Delouvroy) and Michiel (Baeten) there are still some girls and boys out there in Belgium “who can realize and own their ideas”.


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