We have owned the Internet!

18 February 2015

"We have owned the Internet. They can’t compete." Good to know. Barack Obama could not have made a clearer statement in his interview given yesterday to the website Recode.net. The president of the United States was asked to comment on the investigations carried out in Europe against Facebook and Google about privacy and their alleged anti-competition practice. He answered that “in defense of Google and Facebook, sometimes the European response here is more commercially-driven than anything else” and that “sometimes their vendors — their service providers who, you know, can’t compete with ours — are essentially trying to set up some roadblocks for our companies to operate effectively there”

Barack Obama even concluded with “We have owned the Internet. Our companies have created it, expanded it, perfected it in ways that they can’t compete”. Just to be clear, “they” is us, Europeans.

Let’s put this statement in perspective and remind Obama that the European market is the only one in the world where Internet companies are allowed to freely develop their activities. In the US, only three telecom operators share the national market, and the situation in China and India is comparable to the one of the US. And let’s not forget that the European market is the largest one in the world in terms of turnover for Google and Amazon. But it is clear. Google, Amazon, Facebook and Apple can sleep soundly: the White House is ready to defend them. 

Our response: European internet companies: do contact IP HILLS if you do not agree and want to realize and own your ideas.


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