Trademark & Design team: services in a nutshell

15 November 2012

The Trademark & Design team provides IP technical services, IP legal services, IP strategic services and IP assistance services. Want to know in more detail how we can help you? 

IP technical services

  • do research on trademarks, drawings, models, designs and domain names
  • do the necessary registrations, accurately and in time
  • guide you through or initiate opposition proceedings
  • manage your portfolio using a state-of-the-art IT system
  • install watches and safeguard your rights 

IP legal services

  • give appropriate advise on law related to trademarks, trade names, domain names, drawings, models, designs, copyrights and know-how
  • assist in contract negotiation, review and drafting
  • determine licensing structures and royalty levels
  • analyse open source licenses and their impact on your product release

IP strategic services

  • audit portfolios from a return-on-investment perspective
  • analyse competitors from a trademark strategy base
  • determine the right brand architecture and create winning brands
  • draft IP policies in line with business strategy

IP assistance services

  • cooperate in litigious context with specialised lawyers
  • organise seizures locally and internationally
  • function as party or court appointed expert
  • implement pragmatic measures to prevent counterfeiting
  • team up with your marketing agency to build the fundamentals of a branding strategy


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