Protection@Breakfast 08/05 and @Lunch 06/05

14 April 2014

Are you hungry? Are you hungry for more? Are you hungry for more than breakfast and lunch? Just join two fantastic seminars on whether, which and how intellectual property rights can protect your software applications and innovations. In cooperation with Innovatiecentrum and Agentschap Ondernemen Mr Axel Plas and Mr Robrecht Dumarey (both excellent Patent Attorneys) will provide you all insights you need.

  • 06/05 (12.00-14.00) Leuven: Protection@Lunch: "Zit er IP in mijn App?" Subscribe now
  • 08/05 (9.00-11.00) Heusden-Zolder: Protection@Breakfast: "IP sessie Software & Intellectuele eigendom!" Subscribe now!


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