Patent litigation: defending your interests

28 June 2013

Litigation surpriseIn public opposition proceedings held at the European Patent Office in Munich in December 2012, IP HILLS on behalf of one of its Belgian Client (‘BC’) successfully disarmed a British Rival (‘BR’) of two European patents that were granted on false grounds. BR’s European patent in the field of traffic monitoring is entirely revoked. In addition BR was forced to reduce a second additional European patent to such an extent that it is realistically not feasible anymore with current technology. This excellent news was warmly welcomed by BC’s management which re-affirms that it will also in future save no efforts to tackle unfair use of intellectual property. IP HILLS is proud to demonstrate that it has a competent patent team, not only to turn your innovation into intellectual property, but also to defend your interests in litigation. Contact Axel Plas for thorough information on patent litigation.


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