License contracts: finding the right balance

15 November 2012

Open innovation between cooperative parties and legal disputes between owners of exclusive intellectual property rights require well-balanced and well-written license contracts. Our guidelines for finding the right balance are straightforward.

  • Think about what your counterparty would like to achieve instead of chasing individualistic goals. The willingness to listen will be crucial for a lasting relationship.
  • Write down together the essential elements on a blank paper and do not blindly use or sign standard templates even if the title seems to fit. The ability to agree on the essence is vital to get to the finish. 
  • Consult proactively a legal expert to make sure that you have covered all legal aspects or to write the parties’ intentions into comprehensible wording. The decision to use legal expertise in time will outweigh any costs.

Want to know more on how to draft the scope of your license agreement and to determine an acceptable royalty structure and level? Contact us


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