In honor of Jordi Nelissen

31 March 2016

On March 20, 2016, IP HILLS lost one of its early bird believers. Jordi Nelissen, founder and CEO of Escaux, passed away far too early, at the age of 45, in a motorbike accident. He left his wife, Mieke, and three wonderful kids behind.

Jordi, who is named inventor in patents that were granted worldwide (Europe, US, China, Russia, Australia, Canada, Singapore), studied engineering at the Brussels University, completed a PhD. in Grenoble contributing to research that would later result in the Nobel Prize for Englert and Higgs, and started his professional carrier at Alcatel and Colt.

Jordi combined a passion for telecom and science with the rare talent of entrepreneur and team coach. He was a model-engineer for his generation. Even more valuable, Jordi had a heart of gold and ever-present smile.

We are proud and grateful we got the chance to work closely with Jordi the past years. We enjoyed every minute we spent with Jordi for his inspirational insights. 

IP HILLS expresses its most sincere condolences to Jordi's family, his friends and colleagues at Escaux. We are mourning with you.

Farewell to someone we admire.



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