Design application in Korea

1 October 2014

KoreaThe WIPO Hague system simplifies the process for protecting designs in multiple jurisdictions by creating a single international procedure. Although geographically not as successful as the WIPO Madrid system for trademarks (70% of the G20 members are not a member of the WIPO Hague system), the number of industrial design applications grows steadily (14% growth 2013 vs. 2012). With an average fee per registration of about 1.200 EUR and a refusal rate of less than 1%, design registration seems to be a popular IP instrument for protecting novel designs, at least in the following sectors/classes: furnishings (15,6% growth 2013 vs. 2012), communication equipment (42,5% growth), building elements (92% growth), medical equipment (22% growth), foodstuff (142% growth). The rise of the Republic of Korea/South Korea (entry into force: 1 July 2014) as one of the largest economies in Asia (think: Samsung, Hyundai, LG, Kia, etc.) will surely boost international industrial design applications. Western designs will keep influencing Korean designers whose challenge remains to evolve from followers to design trendsetters. Contact IP HILLS to protect your designs here and abroad.


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