Client centric?

2 February 2016

People ask us what is means to be client centric? Is it just a buzzword we use for marketing purposes? No, actually it isn’t. Although the answer sounds fairly simple (i.e. we focus on our clients), the effort behind it is intensive. Maybe one could call us IP coaches, helping our athletes to perform better. A client centric approach requires proximity to the client, so we try to be where we need to be. As IP coach we often know what kind of innovation will be released in the near future, but as any human being: we like to attend our client’s product launches, feel and understand the product or service, meet interesting gents. So, hereafter you’ll find some pictures of where we have been these last months. 

LindaCare Launch

IP HILLS in Brussels at the LindaCare launch

Marijn Coertjens

IP HILLS in Paris at the Chocolate Masters supporting Marijn Coertjens 


Starsky celebs

IP HILLS, in good company, at the Antwerp Starsky launch 


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