Choose the original - Fortuny Moda lamp

16 October 2011

Where in the past interior design was associated with the rich and famous, it is not anymore today. As we all try to be more daring, we look for experiments within our home. How can we change a space, stimulate well-being and reshape living patterns? Without any education whatsoever and with the help of glossy magazines, internet blogs and Post-it® we discover the world of decoration and put together objects we like. In this quest for originality financial limits lead to difficult decisions. Some of us discover the beauty of second-hand stores and vintage. Others carefully save up money and caress their unique masterpieces forever. Enthusiast entrepreneurs create their own individual designs by handcraft. Unfortunately some of us rather prefer cheap counterfeits than more expensive originals. It is part of our mission at IP HILLS to create awareness about what makes “the original” so valuable. Do enjoy our short contribution on the ingenious Fortuny Moda lamp in Actief Wonen (October 2011).


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