Brand creation: wonder how?

28 June 2013

Designing a brand identity can be easy. Reality proves that it often is not. Maybe cause we make everything too complex? Or we have a legacy to keep in mind? Or we just cannot capture the essence? At IP HILLS we help you to take a step back. We evaluate your current brand architecture and afterwards propose structures for the future. Some brand architectures need new names, so we fill out the gaps by creating excellent brands matching your business. Or some brands need to fit for co-branding (like Pepsi 'Aape' Moonface Camo cans, a cooperation between Pepsi and A Bathing Ape; only available in Hong Kong). It all starts with some thoughts and a simple word that after intellectual property clearance, linguistic checks, visualization and execution becomes a promise to your customers. Contact Thomas Coppens for a lovely talk on brand creation.


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