Brand creation: get it right from the start

15 November 2012

The purest way of marketing is word-of-mouth. The success of word-of-mouth marketing depends on the number of conversations and the level of positivity. Changes in (social) media have catalysed word-of-mouth importance thoroughly. Once a brand is out in the open, conversations become, like freedom, natural and unstoppable. One can try to follow or to steer, but not to control. This evolution pinpoints the necessity to think twice before choosing and launching a new brand. We can help you to get it right from the start! How?

We focus on creating the right word, survey likeability and check simultaneously its availability to get trademark protection in your markets. Before you add typefaces, colours or symbols, we lay the fundamentals of a simple winning brand. This brand stands out whether in the context of a start-up, a merger, product or service innovation or conflict management. We assist you in getting preferred over your competitors. Do you want to know how this adds value? Contact us.


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