22 September 2014

7-ElevenWhether travelling to Stockholm, Hong Kong or Beijing, everyone is likely to have encountered a 7-Eleven® store. These green and orange branded stores, often located right at the corner of the street, attract a large variety of people. Business (wo)men, tourists and night owls find a broad selection of fresh and high-quality products at a fair price. The orders are handled promptly, and the service always  remains friendly. Why is this relevant? Because IP HILLS can relate! One may think our two office locations (Ghent and Mechelen) do not make IP HILLS an international company just yet, but our philosophy surely already resembles the one of 7-Eleven. “Our doors are always open” or “bringing convenience to our  neighbourhood” are straightforward 7-Eleven® advertising slogans that correspond to the policy of IP HILLS. The name 7-Eleven® relates to the opening hours of the stores, that are indeed open between 7am and 11pm, seven days a week. Even though this is of course not daily practice at IP HILLS, our lovely team is always available when needed. Enjoying tons of IP experience, newcomers Roel Beernaert (Patent Engineer) and Bieke Cornelissen (IP Paralegal) recently joined our team. The eleven IP experts of IP HILLS now “serve the needs of our communities”. We thought that from now on it made sense to say that “we” are 7-Eleven®.


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