$ 6,006.13

29 January 2016

$6,006.13. That’s what Google paid a man to get its iconic domain name back. Let’s rewind. In September 2015, a man saw “google.com” was available for purchase on Google Domains. For $12 – and for 1 minute only – this man was the proud owner of Google’s domain name. Until a following e-mail informing this man of the cancellation of his purchase.The moral being: to prevent a situation like this for happening, chose to automatically renew your domain names! Oh, and why 6,006.13? Because 6,006.13 spells Google with numbers. To be complete, upon hearing the man donated his reward to an association, Google doubled the amount.


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300001 pages

saved from printing 80% of total

2.62 trees

saved from cutting

9574 grams

less carbon emission