Centexbel seminar 20/2: value of patents

12 January 2014 – Written by IP Hills

Centexbel aims to improve the competitiveness of Belgian textile companies by encouraging and supporting innovation. Aligned with this mission statement Centexbel organizes a seminar on the value of patents: ‘small or tall’? Mr. Axel Plas, European Patent Attorney and founding partner of IP HILLS, will elaborate on the status and advantages of the European Patent. Enroll now if your textile solutions or processes deserve IP protection.

Hit by a truck records: this brand deserves ®

25 November 2013 – Written by IP Hills

Meeting entrepreneurial and creative spirits is part of our daily job. During ‘Open Bedrijvendag Mechelen’ we got in contact with Mario De Wit, DJ and producer under the name ‘Crack and Crunch’. Recently he founded ‘HIT BY A TRUCK RECORDS’, a brand with a story we liked so much at IP HILLS that we awarded him with a figurative Benelux trademark registration in classes 9, 16 and 41. Why Mario chose the name: 'A track on Hit by a truck records hits you and sticks to you, just like being hit by a truck'. Simple!  

Hit by a truck records

Open Bedrijvendag Mechelen: SOS idea 6/10

23 September 2013 – Written by IP Hills

You have a wonderful idea, but you do not know whether and how it can be protected? Maybe Sunday the 6th of October 2013 will become your lucky day! The team of IP HILLS will open up its offices during 'Open Bedrijvendag'. In cooperation with Flanders DC ('SOS idee zitdagen') IP HILLS experts will give you free, confidential and pragmatic intellectual property advise. Subscribe now on the website of Flanders DC!

Patenting boosts turnover and profit

22 September 2013 – Written by IP Hills

Patenting your innovation results in more turnover and profit. The Expert Centre R&D of the University of Leuven ('Expertisecentrum O&O KULeuven') demonstrated that companies with patented innovation achieve a turnover that is 2,67 and a profit that is 1,75 times higher. For more information, see the movie dated 21 August 2013 on the Kanaal Z website on 'Octrooien lonen'. Should we say more? 

Answer from Marissa

9 September 2013 – Written by IP Hills

Unfortunately Marissa did not (yet) react in person on our letter. But even during our holiday we kept on following the 30 days countdown. So check out the new logo in the movie enclosed hereafter and read Marissa's own comments

We certainly like Jennifer Dulski's reaction on Linkedin who quotes her dear friend Dan Sroka, one of the original members of the Y! creative team: “The new logo is fine – a decent solution to a tricky problem that will serve them well. It’s a pair of more sensible shoes, for a more established internet, whereas [the former] logo was a well-worn pair of funky Doc Martens with mismatched laces and duct-taped soles. But the internet was a different place back then, wilder and weirder, and Yahoo! was a different company. So, here’s to the new Yahoo! – let’s hope they can forge ahead into the future, while always remembering their crazy past. And here’s hoping they remember to bring those old Docs out of the closet once in a while.”

Letter to Marissa

8 August 2013 – Written by IP Hills


Dear Marissa 

What will happen in 30 days? Click. Since you are the CEO of Yahoo! a lot has changed. Click. During the last quarter you have made nine acquisitions to strengthen your products and content offerings. Click-click. How do you manage such a pace and more in particular how will you manage your brands as a gateway for inspiring and attracting people? We love creating and structuring brands, do you? Click. We do understand that you are changing the logo. Click. It would also feel like a gift if the Yahoo! website as a first touch-point would change, soon. Click-click. Bluntly said, we rather spend time on Yahoo!’s corporate site. Click. You don’t need surveys to know that, you neither need surveys to know that the purple color should be toned down a little. Click. Our view is that change should not be limited to 30 days, not even in a single marketing campaign. Click. Our view is that logos should constantly change and interact without loosing their identity and visibility. Click. If you would write back, can you please elaborate a bit on what you mean with ‘’playing around with the logo to reflect a renewed sense of purpose and progress”? We won’t see on 5 September as we are on holiday reinventing ourselves. Click. Afterwards we are always free to exchange some thoughts on how you can increase value without too much clicks.

All the best Marissa!

Some friends


New office: Mechelen

28 June 2013 – Written by IP Hills

Mechelen plug inAlthough online communication transcends geographical distance, we still believe that an up-close-and-personal interaction with our clients is essential. As such we decided to expand and open a 2nd office in Mechelen. Several drivers catalyzed this decision. Clients having their offices in Antwerp (25km), Brussels (30km), Hasselt (77km), Leuven (25km) and Louvain-La-Neuve (51km) are first of all within 40 minutes reach (by train or car). Secondly dynamic smart engineers, such as new kid in the block Jeroen Declerck (civil engineer, master in engineering science, ex-IMEC, ex-Bird Goën), find a challenging work environment close to their homes. Furthermore the mayor’s team tries to stimulate the local economy, as illustrated by the Ondernemershuis ‘OH’ where the IP HILLS space shuttle has landed in the middle of several creative companies, such as Bart De Pauw's production company Koeken Troef. Finally, it is just our entrepreneurial gut feeling that after Ghent Mechelen is the right place to be right now. So, just pop in and we will make sure that you get on top of to the Sint-Rumbold’s Cathedral (70m high; Unesco World Heritage). Contact Jeroen Declerck for a first meeting in our lovely office.

Patent litigation: defending your interests

28 June 2013 – Written by IP Hills

Litigation surpriseIn public opposition proceedings held at the European Patent Office in Munich in December 2012, IP HILLS on behalf of one of its Belgian Client (‘BC’) successfully disarmed a British Rival (‘BR’) of two European patents that were granted on false grounds. BR’s European patent in the field of traffic monitoring is entirely revoked. In addition BR was forced to reduce a second additional European patent to such an extent that it is realistically not feasible anymore with current technology. This excellent news was warmly welcomed by BC’s management which re-affirms that it will also in future save no efforts to tackle unfair use of intellectual property. IP HILLS is proud to demonstrate that it has a competent patent team, not only to turn your innovation into intellectual property, but also to defend your interests in litigation. Contact Axel Plas for thorough information on patent litigation.

Brand creation: wonder how?

28 June 2013 – Written by IP Hills

Designing a brand identity can be easy. Reality proves that it often is not. Maybe cause we make everything too complex? Or we have a legacy to keep in mind? Or we just cannot capture the essence? At IP HILLS we help you to take a step back. We evaluate your current brand architecture and afterwards propose structures for the future. Some brand architectures need new names, so we fill out the gaps by creating excellent brands matching your business. Or some brands need to fit for co-branding (like Pepsi 'Aape' Moonface Camo cans, a cooperation between Pepsi and A Bathing Ape; only available in Hong Kong). It all starts with some thoughts and a simple word that after intellectual property clearance, linguistic checks, visualization and execution becomes a promise to your customers. Contact Thomas Coppens for a lovely talk on brand creation.

Misleading offers: be aware (and do not pay)!

28 June 2013 – Written by IP Hills

Unfortunately the registration of intellectual property rights remains a domain where also fraud occurs. How do these malicious organizations operate? Once your trademark, design or even patent is made public (official register), these organizations send you at your company address a misleading offer or even false invoice. It is a misleading solicitation for a publication in a totally irrelevant or non-existing unofficial register, or it is a false invoice for services that never have been or will be rendered. The problem with these documents is that (i) they look quite close to official, (ii) they display discounts to push payments and (iii) the disclaimers are printed so tiny that one has no interest reading them. Please take into consideration the following guidelines. Once you have appointed IP HILLS as your intellectual property (IP) office, we will as part of our service undertake all necessary payments on your behalf (unless otherwise instructed). If you doubt the authenticity of the document received, check the misleading examples overview on the Dutch 'Fraude Helpdesk' website or contact our team immediately.

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