22 September 2014 – Written by IP Hills

7-ElevenWhether travelling to Stockholm, Hong Kong or Beijing, everyone is likely to have encountered a 7-Eleven® store. These green and orange branded stores, often located right at the corner of the street, attract a large variety of people. Business (wo)men, tourists and night owls find a broad selection of fresh and high-quality products at a fair price. The orders are handled promptly, and the service always  remains friendly. Why is this relevant? Because IP HILLS can relate!

Alba gu bràth

17 September 2014 – Written by IP Hills

Calvin Harris, Franz Ferdinand, Mogwai, whisky, Sean Connery, J-K Rowling, Ken Loach, kilts and rugby, Annie Lenox, or Mel Gibson galloping across his assembled troops prior to the Battle of Stirling Bridge in Braveheart yelling “Scotland forever” (Alba gu bràth)… Scotland evokes wild cultural or political images – as wild as the Loch Ness – for most of us.

On September 18th, Scotland will choose between the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, and potentially the European Union. If the Scottish people vote “yes” to independence, Scotland could form a new sovereign state. What would be the consequences for businesses and their IP rights?

Know thyself as good as your iPhone knows you

17 July 2014 – Written by IP Hills

An Apple invention published on July 17th by the U.S. Patent and Trademark office describes a method by which an iPhone can set off an alert or automatically lock the device based on detected changes in the behavior of the user. Apple's behavior learning patent application was first filed for last January and credits Gregory T. Lydon and Sylvain Rene Yves as its inventors.

Invisible shin guards at World Cup Brazil!

28 June 2014 – Written by IP Hills

IP HILLS is proud to announce the launching of a brand new generation of shin guards specifically designed for football players. Our client has devoted years of extensive research and engineering in the field of material sciences to be able to develop such an impressive invention. These revolutionary shin guards are indeed made out of a material demonstrating incredible properties. They become invisible the moment the football player wearing them steps on the pitch. On the occasion of the World Cup 2014 in Brazil, our client was delighted to provide Thomas Müller from Germany with the very first pair of invisible shin guards during his match against Ghana. IP HILLS is thrilled to have had the opportunity to draft a European patent application EP71520381 for this sock-dropping invention that was published on June 21st 2014.

If you wish to obtain more information on how your great ideas could revolutionize your sector, please do not hesitate to contact IP HILLS.

Tesla: All Our Patents Are Belong to You

13 June 2014 – Written by IP Hills

Of course, Tesla Motors is not the only electric car company that exists. But it surely is the only one that developed a unique model for charging stations!

On June 8th 2014, Tesla released the model S in the United Kingdom, and revealed at the same time that they were considering a move that could strengthen the whole electric car industry, even if it is at the expense of Tesla’s own patents. Tesla Motors indeed considers making patents regarding the Supercharger system of their electric vehicles open. The strategy of the CEO of Tesla Motors, Elon Musk, is to encourage other companies to join in, since the competitors would now be taking on less risk as the technology has already been proven to work. Tesla hopes it would result on the long term basis in the standardization of the recharge system for electric vehicles.

Alstom’s energy business is for sale!

30 April 2014 – Written by IP Hills

General Electric has made a bid for French rival Alstom’s energy business. General Electric wishes to invest 60 billion euros in Alstom in order to escape the 35% taxes it would face if its European investments were too be repatriated in the US. But since this week-end, Alstom is also negotiating with Germany’s Siemens. 

According to Siemens, Alstom’s thermal power, renewable power and grid divisions are considered to have an enterprise value of €10bn-€11bn. Siemens proposes acquiring these energy business divisions, and in return injecting its high-speed train and locomotive businesses into Alstom. Siemens is also open to discussion on Alstom’s sensitive nuclear power assets, without threatening the best interests of France.

Recharge smartphone in less than 1 minute!

29 April 2014 – Written by IP Hills

You wish you could recharge your smartphone in less than a minute? It usually takes several hours to charge the completely drained battery of your smartphone to 100%. Because so many of us are constantly on the go and heavily rely on their phones throughout the day, being able to recharge a battery in only a few minutes would be a huge step forward. A new device by an Israeli startup called StoreDot could revolutionize battery charges by bringing a phone from dead to full in only 30 seconds. 

Check out the impressive 30 seconds charge video below:


Made in EU label?

24 April 2014 – Written by IP Hills

In April 2014 the European Parliament voted to make 'Made-in' labelling mandatory (currently, it's voluntary) for non-food products offered in the EU. The objectives behind the proposal are product safety, market surveillance and consumer protection. EU manufacturers would be able to choose whether to put 'Made in the EU' on the label or their specific country. In order to determine the country of origin the new regulation refers to provisions such as Council Regulation (EEC) No 2913/92 establishing a Community Customs Code. For goods produced in more than one place, the 'country of origin' would be that of the "last substantial, economically justified processing resulting in a new product or representing an important stage of manufacture". This redefinition of the country of origin could have a serious impact on the marketing of famous brands (that use foreign components or assemble their goods outside the EU). Maybe even trademarks incorporating 'made in' slogans should be altered in order to come forward to this new definition. To be continued!

Protection@Breakfast 08/05 and @Lunch 06/05

14 April 2014 – Written by IP Hills

Are you hungry? Are you hungry for more? Are you hungry for more than breakfast and lunch? Just join two fantastic seminars on whether, which and how intellectual property rights can protect your software applications and innovations. In cooperation with Innovatiecentrum and Agentschap Ondernemen Mr Axel Plas and Mr Robrecht Dumarey (both excellent Patent Attorneys) will provide you all insights you need.

  • 06/05 (12.00-14.00) Leuven: Protection@Lunch: "Zit er IP in mijn App?" Subscribe now
  • 08/05 (9.00-11.00) Heusden-Zolder: Protection@Breakfast: "IP sessie Software & Intellectuele eigendom!" Subscribe now!

Côte d'Or: think twice before you change the mice

29 January 2014 – Written by IP Hills

Since our exploration of food logos like LU, our interest and experience in the food sector only grew. We bought more products, ate more products and had a thorough look at them with our team for our clients or just for fun during lunchtime.

Recently we noticed that Kraft Foods Belgium changed the packaging of our beloved ‘Bouchées’. The packaging is not wrapped anymore like a tight foil around the chocolate. The little elephants that we all call mice have always seduced us. Today we lost that feeling.

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