Get your IP HILLS gift voucher!

17 December 2015 – Written by IP Hills

Do you want to stimulate an entrepreneur? To convert a true IP sceptic? To give a valuable gift to a friend or colleague? To guide someone towards IP HILLS for a professional experience? Please feel free to print and use our gift voucher. Notification and prepayment to IP HILLS needed before using the voucher.



The general conditions from IP HILLS are applicable.

  • An invoice will be sent to the contributor after payment.
  • The contributor has no rights on any IP of the beneficiary due to payment.
  • The amount contributed does not necessarily correspond with the total cost of a service.

Algeria joins the Madrid Protocol

28 October 2015 – Written by IP Hills

On July 31, 2015, Algeria deposited its instrument of accession to the Madrid Protocol for the International Registration of Marks. The Protocol will enter into force on October 31, 2015. Algeria was the last country of the 95 members of the Madrid System which was not party to the Protocol. Its accession to the Protocol will transform the Madrid System into a One Treaty System, thus simplifying the filing and management of international trademark registrations and making it easier for trademark applicants to get global protection.

Innovatiebeurs Gent! Visit us #84

21 September 2015 – Written by IP Hills

U heeft vragen? Wij vinden dat normaal want het bewijst dat u denkt! En denken is samen met doen de kern van innovatie. U heeft vragen over intellectuele eigendom? Niet iedereen vindt dat normaal, maar wij wel. Het bewijst dat u kritisch nadenkt. Hoog tijd dat u langskomt op de innovatiebeurs te Gent op 8 oktober 2015 en het team van IP HILLS leert kennen. U vindt ons als laatste stand net voor u de beurs verlaat (#84). Geen angst, u zal ons zeker herkennen en wij u. Daar wordt gezorgd. Voor één keer ziet u het leven letterlijk door een roze bril
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You have questions? We consider this normal as it proves that you are thinking. And thinking is together with doing one of the drivers of innovation. You have questions about intellectual property? Not everyone considers this normal, but we do! It shows that you’re a critical thinker. So it’s time for you to visit the innovation fair in Ghent on 8 October 2015 and get to know the IP HILLS team. You’ll find us at the last booth just before leaving the fair (#84). No worries, you’ll recognize us and we’ll recognize you. We’ll take care of that! For once you’ll see life literally through pink glasses

IP workshops: 10 & 17 September Mechelen

2 September 2015 – Written by IP Hills

IP HILLS organiseert samen met het Oh! op 10 en 17 september 2015 twee gratis seminaries rond intellectuele eigendom ("IP").  Deze seminaries vinden ’s middags plaats in de seminarieruimte op de 3e verdieping van het Oh! in Mechelen (

Tijdens de eerste sessie op 10 september geven we een algemene introductie over wat intellectuele eigendom nu eigenlijk is en op welke manier je de resultaten van je intellectuele arbeid kan beschermen. Nadien beantwoorden we graag jullie specifieke vragen rond bescherming van je idee, naam, product of concept. 

In de tweede sessie op 17 september gaan we dieper in op enkele voorbeelden uit de praktijk en tonen hoe het samenspel van merken, modellen, auteursrechten en andere beschermingsstrategieën leidt tot een optimale meerwaarde en onderhandelingspositie.

Praktisch ziet het programma er telkens als volgt uit:
• 11u45 – 12u30: onthaal en broodjeslunch (met dank aan het Oh!)
• 12u30 – 13u30: IP seminarie
• 13-30 – 14u00: netwerken

Wens je deze seminaries niet te missen, dan is snel registreren een must.
Registreren kan via eenvoudige e-mail naar met vermelding van naam, voornaam, bedrijf en functie.


Let the games begin!

12 August 2015 – Written by IP Hills

Ok, it is not likely that we’ll win a lot of medals during the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. But we’re always up for a battle outside the field in a new discipline that we frankly call: “Logo Wrestling”. In the right hand corner, we have Belgian designer Olivier Debie, 53 years of experience, 199 cm pencil length, 110 kilogram of paper wasted. In the left hand corner, we see Japanese designer Kenjiro Sano, 43 years of ambition, 169 cm pencil length, 70 kilogram of design nominations.

New office in IBIZA!

1 April 2015 – Written by IP Hills

We are thrilled to announce 'today' the opening of a third IP HILLS office! From 'today' on, part of our enthusiastic and dynamic team will be ready to strategically assist our clients at a new location in… IBIZA! Starting up a new office in IBIZA sounds audacious, but the founders of IP HILLS trust their sixth sense for business. Their decision was motivated by the fact that:

  • IP HILLS can rely on a team of skilled specialists in IBIZA, introducing Ms. Fab Ulous and Mr. Artúr Mometer;
  • The founders identified relevant business developments in IBIZA where patent protection will play a major role such as recent developments in a medicine curing the 'IBIZA fever' and trademark protection in all classes for trademarks like "F*** me I'm famous" (for soap, suncream, candles, condoms, etc.) is king;
  • The electricity bill of IP HILLS will drastically drop as days in IBIZA are always sunny and last longer even in winter;
  • The clients and the team of IP HILLS will appreciate to plan open air meetings, on the beach or next to the splendid crowded pool.

Photos of the new office and of our lucky team will follow soon, but enjoy the sphere in the meanwhile! Stay tuned for news on IP BEACH!

We have owned the Internet!

18 February 2015 – Written by IP Hills

"We have owned the Internet. They can’t compete." Good to know. Barack Obama could not have made a clearer statement in his interview given yesterday to the website The president of the United States was asked to comment on the investigations carried out in Europe against Facebook and Google about privacy and their alleged anti-competition practice. He answered that “in defense of Google and Facebook, sometimes the European response here is more commercially-driven than anything else” and that “sometimes their vendors — their service providers who, you know, can’t compete with ours — are essentially trying to set up some roadblocks for our companies to operate effectively there”

Barack Obama even concluded with “We have owned the Internet. Our companies have created it, expanded it, perfected it in ways that they can’t compete”. Just to be clear, “they” is us, Europeans.

Let’s put this statement in perspective and remind Obama that the European market is the only one in the world where Internet companies are allowed to freely develop their activities. In the US, only three telecom operators share the national market, and the situation in China and India is comparable to the one of the US. And let’s not forget that the European market is the largest one in the world in terms of turnover for Google and Amazon. But it is clear. Google, Amazon, Facebook and Apple can sleep soundly: the White House is ready to defend them. 

Our response: European internet companies: do contact IP HILLS if you do not agree and want to realize and own your ideas.

Patent panic!

12 February 2015 – Written by IP Hills

Those who still have doubts about the level of real life, short term economic impact of patents, should have look at what happened to GoPro’s shares recently as Apple was granted a US patent they acquired from Kodak on Jan 13, 2015: US8934045 (B2)  -  DIGITAL CAMERA SYSTEM HAVING REMOTE CONTROL.On the first days of panic their shares dropped from over 65$ to less than 50$, and in recent weeks, as panic eased, GoPro’s shares have slowly recovered but are still below 55$ today.It is clear that GoPro could benefit from a solid IP risk analysis and a more effective communication strategy than the current “no comment”.

Ghent in Motion

4 February 2015 – Written by IP Hills

Last week-end, the city of Ghent celebrated the “2015: Year of Light” with a spectacular new edition of the Light Festival of Ghent.One of the unmissable attractions was the projection of a trailer of the fantastic and ambitious project “Ghent in Motion” on the façade of the UFO. “Ghent in Motion” was started by Michael Tiger and is crowd-funded by 70 companies and organizations from Ghent. Throughout the film, the camera weaves in and out the streets of Ghent and the lives its inhabitants in 4K resolution, using drones, GoPro cameras, timelapses, etc. Technology only makes every single image even more breathtaking. But mainly, this film just makes us happy to live in Ghent. We are looking forward to the premiere of the film in the Vooruit on April 17th 2015! Check out the trailer.

Don’t forget to drop by IP Hills on your way to Ghent!

Trademark alert service

9 October 2014 – Written by IP Hills

Alert serviceIf you were the trademark owner of ‘RECARO’, a company active in several industrial sectors such as aircraft seating, automotive seating, child safety, and you were licensing the brand to third parties for other applications, then estimating the value of your brand is the key to your business. Any similar trademark in the same field of activity (as for example ‘REVARO’ (case T-349/12: judgment 6 September  2013) may indeed confuse the customer and thereby infringe your prior exclusivity right as the owner of the trademark.

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