Co-working week at Oh! Mechelen: IP session 4/10!

29 September 2016 – Written by IP Hills

Sometimes working on your own just isn't it. You don't have a partner to live your dream, to share your thoughts, to lean on (when needed). Working together with someone or as a team has always helped scaling businesses faster. But how can we prevent failure from the start? What legal aspects do you need to consider when working together. More in particular what IP arrangements should be discussed right from the start. Join our IP HILLS session during the Co-working Week at Oh! Mechelen on 4 October 2016 and subscribe here.  

Congrats to Robrecht and Bram!

1 September 2016 – Written by IP Hills

IP HILLS is proud to announce that Mr. Robrecht Dumarey has passed all EQE exams and is a qualified European Patent Attorney.

In addition we are delighted to see that Mr. Bram Schoonjans, being a civil engineer, has finished his Master of Laws in IP & ICT with the following thesis: "Are eSIM cards breaking out locally? Overview of the potential impact on roaming." 

We are convinced that both Robrecht and Bram will use their intelligence and experience to serve you to the best! Contact them for any question you may have.

The new EU Regulation & olfactory trademarks

25 April 2016 – Written by IP Hills

Last March 23, 2016 the Regulation no. 2015/2424 entered into force in order to amend Regu©lation no. 207/2009 on Community Trademark and its corresponding Regulation no. 2868/95 of implementation. 

The new regulation contains multiple amendments, among others terminological ones, such as the change of name of the Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market (OHIM), which from now on will be known as the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO), and the replacement of the name “Community Trade Mark” (CTM) by the name “European Union Trade Mark” (EUTM).

Nonetheless, one of its most remarkable novelties it is the deletion of the requirement of graphic representation from the concept of trade mark set out in Article 4 of Regulation no. 207/2009. The new concept of EU trademark will be applicable as of October 1, 2017. 

In honor of Jordi Nelissen

31 March 2016 – Written by IP Hills

On March 20, 2016, IP HILLS lost one of its early bird believers. Jordi Nelissen, founder and CEO of Escaux, passed away far too early, at the age of 45, in a motorbike accident. He left his wife, Mieke, and three wonderful kids behind.

Jordi, who is named inventor in patents that were granted worldwide (Europe, US, China, Russia, Australia, Canada, Singapore), studied engineering at the Brussels University, completed a PhD. in Grenoble contributing to research that would later result in the Nobel Prize for Englert and Higgs, and started his professional carrier at Alcatel and Colt.

Jordi combined a passion for telecom and science with the rare talent of entrepreneur and team coach. He was a model-engineer for his generation. Even more valuable, Jordi had a heart of gold and ever-present smile.

We are proud and grateful we got the chance to work closely with Jordi the past years. We enjoyed every minute we spent with Jordi for his inspirational insights. 

IP HILLS expresses its most sincere condolences to Jordi's family, his friends and colleagues at Escaux. We are mourning with you.

Farewell to someone we admire.

IMinds+IP HILLS = iStart IP partnership

1 March 2016 – Written by IP Hills

IP HILLS is very proud to announce that is has been selected as partner for iMinds. Our team will advise the starters in the iStart program on all intellectual property questions related to patents, trademarks, designs and copyrights. After having been appointed as one of the key IP partners of  KIC InnoEnergy in 2015, this new partnership with iMinds further motivates our team to deliver thorough, accurate and comprehensive IP work. Check out the press release in Dutch on iMinds' website.

We've hired

2 February 2016 – Written by IP Hills

At regular intervals we notice on Linkedin and other social media next to a name of a CEO / CTO / CFO / COO / CLO and other “O’s”  the tagline “I am hiring”. This seems a good way to recruit people, as the target audience can easily do a first test: is my DNA matching the company’s one? At IP HILLS we are always delighted to receive applications, but a recent one exceeded our expectations. Check out this guy’s approach to create eagerness! It worked: “we’ve hired”. A new patent engineer will reinforce our team in Mechelen as from April 2016. Interested in working at IP HILLS as a trademark specialist, patent expert or paralegal? Demonstrate attitude first, we will test your skills afterwards.

Client centric?

2 February 2016 – Written by IP Hills

People ask us what is means to be client centric? Is it just a buzzword we use for marketing purposes? No, actually it isn’t. Although the answer sounds fairly simple (i.e. we focus on our clients), the effort behind it is intensive. Maybe one could call us IP coaches, helping our athletes to perform better. A client centric approach requires proximity to the client, so we try to be where we need to be. As IP coach we often know what kind of innovation will be released in the near future, but as any human being: we like to attend our client’s product launches, feel and understand the product or service, meet interesting gents. So, hereafter you’ll find some pictures of where we have been these last months. 

LindaCare Launch

IP HILLS in Brussels at the LindaCare launch

Marijn Coertjens

IP HILLS in Paris at the Chocolate Masters supporting Marijn Coertjens 


Starsky celebs

IP HILLS, in good company, at the Antwerp Starsky launch 


$ 6,006.13

29 January 2016 – Written by IP Hills

$6,006.13. That’s what Google paid a man to get its iconic domain name back. Let’s rewind. In September 2015, a man saw “” was available for purchase on Google Domains. For $12 – and for 1 minute only – this man was the proud owner of Google’s domain name. Until a following e-mail informing this man of the cancellation of his purchase.The moral being: to prevent a situation like this for happening, chose to automatically renew your domain names! Oh, and why 6,006.13? Because 6,006.13 spells Google with numbers. To be complete, upon hearing the man donated his reward to an association, Google doubled the amount.

Get your IP HILLS gift voucher!

17 December 2015 – Written by IP Hills

Do you want to stimulate an entrepreneur? To convert a true IP sceptic? To give a valuable gift to a friend or colleague? To guide someone towards IP HILLS for a professional experience? Please feel free to print and use our gift voucher. Notification and prepayment to IP HILLS needed before using the voucher.



The general conditions from IP HILLS are applicable.

  • An invoice will be sent to the contributor after payment.
  • The contributor has no rights on any IP of the beneficiary due to payment.
  • The amount contributed does not necessarily correspond with the total cost of a service.

Algeria joins the Madrid Protocol

28 October 2015 – Written by IP Hills

On July 31, 2015, Algeria deposited its instrument of accession to the Madrid Protocol for the International Registration of Marks. The Protocol will enter into force on October 31, 2015. Algeria was the last country of the 95 members of the Madrid System which was not party to the Protocol. Its accession to the Protocol will transform the Madrid System into a One Treaty System, thus simplifying the filing and management of international trademark registrations and making it easier for trademark applicants to get global protection.

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